Saturday, May 9th, Aquarium Drunkard presents an evening with The Avett Brothers and Magnolia Electric Co. at The Music Box in Hollywood.  Tickets will be going fast for this one.

We have three pairs of tickets to giveaway for AD readers.  To land a pair, leave a comment below with your name, favorite Avett’s or Molina album and a valid email you can be reached at.  Winners will be notified via email; tickets held at will-call.

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25 Responses to “AD Presents Avett Brothers @ Music Box, May 9th”

  1. What Comes After the Blues , yo.

  2. Avett Brothers Emotionalism. Also love Gleam 2 and the live albulm,

  3. I love Emotionalism by the ABs. Can I please, please, please go ???

  4. 2nd Gleam for Avetts; Songs:Ohia for Molina

  5. Favorite Molina is definitely Trials and Errors.

  6. The Second Gleam and Trials and Errors.

  7. Emotionalism however my favorite song is I Killed Sally’s Lover

  8. Emotionalism (though The Second Gleam has been getting a lot of play lately)

  9. Emotionalism, for sure, but “If It’s the Beaches” off of “The Gleam” slays me.

  10. I’m going to go with Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions if merely for the fact that “Colorshow” is an incredible song.

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  12. The Avett Brothers Emotionalism.

  13. Trials and Errors

  14. Man, that’s a great double bill.

  15. Emotionalism!!!

  16. AB – Emotionalism
    Molina – Trials and Errors

  17. emotionalism and lioness

  18. Definitely “Trials and Errors” the references to NY’s “Tonight’s the Night” AWESOME!

  19. Everytime I hear ‘Salina” on Emotionalism it makes me want to rob a bank, and escape with my banjo back to Carolina. and I dig the self titled Magnolia album.

  20. Definitely Emotionalism. Although “Famous Flower of Manhattan” off of Four Thieves makes me want to cry every time…

  21. Songs Ohia – Impala

  22. Songs: Ohia- The Magnolia Electric Co.

  23. Avett: Emotionalism…althoug you really can`t go wrong with their albums…they simply rock & inspire…

  24. No Love for Sojourner?!? I can’t enter b/c I’m in Nebraska but most def Sojourner – Nashville Moon.

  25. This was a GREAT show….they just keep getting better. I’m playing them non stop in my car and having teary flashbacks. They have ruined every other band for me. All Avetts all the time right now.

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