Bonnie “Prince” Billy made several appearances L.A. last month in support of his new album, Beware, including a proper evening show at the El Rey, an Amoeba in-store, and a mid-morning studio taping for Fuel.tv at a studio in west L.A. While I missed the El Rey show, I did made it over to the taping — both the band and Odham sounded great.  Videos below.

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11 Responses to “Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: Los Angeles, 2009”

  1. I’m so in love with Cheyenne.

  2. I like the music note hat

  3. jim white, absurd. beautiful.

  4. can you please turn your grammar-check back on? thanks.

  5. Fantastic – Just great. What’s the violinist’s name again?

  6. Gorgeous! Thanks.

  7. @ Matt

    Cheyenne Mize

  8. If he plays the show I have tickets for barefoot in an office chair there’s gonna be a problem. Get off your ass, tubby.

  9. Awesone! Thanks.

  10. The El Rey show was fucking fantastic. No hat or sitting you cry babies. What a great sound and a tight band. Thanks for sharing these videos AD.

  11. Very nice , thanks a sharing..

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