Last year Sixto Rodriguez was responsible for one of my favorite reissues of 2008 — 1970’s Cold Fact.  He also composed an Off The Record that pissed some folks off. Good times.  This spring Light In The Attic reissued the follow up to Cold Fact entitled Coming From Reality.  We have copies of both the CD and vinyl for AD readers.  Leave a comment with your name and email address.  Winners contacted via email.

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MP3: Rodriguez :: Climb Up On My Music
MP3: Rodriguez :: Heikki’s Suburbia Bus Tour
Purchase: Rodriguez – Coming From Reality

+ Download Rodriguez via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

50 Responses to “Rodriguez :: Coming From Reality”

  1. I would love to get this on vinyl. Sixto is still the man!

  2. I would love this on vinyl!

  3. !OYE!

  4. Long live reissues!

  5. Loving it!

  6. Really like Cold Fact, so I´m curious.

  7. Absolutely love Rodriquez. Managed to catch him live playing with a back-up band from South AFrica called Big Sky. Cold Fact is one of those absolutely amazing lp’s where you know all the lyrics but is not sure what the title is.
    Good to see he is not dead anymore, neither has he disappeared.

  8. Oh…so good !

    I love…

    I’m French, and I listen AD every day, it’s really nice !

  9. I only have a bad vinyl rip of this. Help me with a crisp new vinyl reissue.

  10. i would love cd,

  11. Saw him live at a local record store on record store day, awsome.

  12. Daytrotter’s Cinco de Mayo post got me ‘all swoled up’ too:

  13. A nice new vinyl would be the best

  14. Awesome album. Always good to get lost classics reissued. Would love it on vinyl.

  15. Great album. I, too, would dig it on vinyl. Going to see him on friday!!

  16. I’d like it on vinyl…please.

  17. love it! great news about vinyl and cd reissue! Count me in.
    Hogan B at

  18. Me like to win vinyl

  19. Either one works but I’d prefer vinyl. Thanks!

  20. seeing him this Wednesday in DC. would love a CD copy of Coming From Reality. thanks!
    ajrothman at gmail.

  21. I really enjoyed the Cold Fact reissue. I would love to get my hands on a vinyl copy of Coming from Reality.

  22. I would love to have this on vinyl.

  23. sixto is the man.

  24. Aye, I’d heard this was coming out and was looking forward to it… picked up the last cd after hearing “sugar man” on your site, and loved it.

  25. Thanks for the contest – love the Rodriguez

  26. Love Rodriguez! You guys got me hooked!

  27. my buddy is a detroiter who’s going through some tough times, much like the city. we went and saw rodriguez at schubas in chicago last saturday and both were blown away by this man. his music, sadly, transcends time.
    i would love to hand my buddy a copy of rodriguez vinyl.

  28. Definitely enjoyed the Cold Fact re-ish…dying to hear this one!

  29. been waiting for this! Would love the vinyl!

    i was just planning on playing Rodriguez for my high school class as we discuss music of the 1960s and address the influence of Mexican-Americans on the counterculture!

    can’t wait for the new old-tunes!

  30. i climbed up on this post…. in hopes of taking the album home with me

  31. yes, please. yes please. yes, please.

    no, no.

  32. I would enjoy this very much so on vinyl.

  33. Throw my name in the hat too . . . please. Thanks!

  34. What an amazing cd. I’ve been waiting forever to get it.

  35. wow! love this! would be thrilled with the cd!

  36. Clarity and fuzz. This (and the first post that initially turned me on to Rdrgz) spurred on a little song-writing crescendo in my life- I can do it… I can’t do it… I can do it. Clarity and fuzz.

    “This town etched in pavement, rank attitudes and concrete.
    Your smile is my salvation… and the Valley Oak
    by the riverside
    There’s a trail I walk every time I head down Sailor Bar-
    the way is worn and narrow; sunlight tumbles through
    like scattered jewels.


  38. Loved Cold Fact and would love a companion vinyl copy of Coming from Reality but would settle with a cd too.

    Thanks, as always love the site.

  39. Thanks for generosity.

    I’m a format agnostic. I’ll take whatever. I just want to hear the music.

  40. Wonderful stuff, Rodriquez — love the CD, please?

  41. hi there – big fan of AD for awhile now. like most everyone who posted, loved cold fact and dying to hear coming from reality on cool cracking vinyl!
    thanks for offering readers a chance to win.

  42. I’d love a chance at winning this !

    Keep up the great work !

  43. i know i won an LP, i can feel it!

  44. Would LOVE to get my hands on the CD!

  45. man, I’d be ecstatic to get a copy of this jewel!

  46. A copy of the record would be great to hear

  47. Yeah!!

  48. Awesome that Rodriguez has finally reached North America! I wonder how my Sussex pressing of “After the Fact” (the album’s 1976 South African manifestation with different album art) compares to this crisp new vinyl Light in the Attic offering. Naturally, I would welcome the opportunity to find out. Peace…

  49. Friend saw him live in Detroit recently and though the show was OK but Roddy was a drunk. Seven glasses of wine onstage swilled in his set. Not much care for your audience when you’re that obsessed with ethanol.

  50. such a classic…

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