As I mentioned the other day, you can expect a good amount of Neil Young related posts leading up to the June 2nd release of the first installment of the bard’s long awaited/delayed Archives Series. This is a good thing. And to be honest it really doesn’t take much to come up with an “excuse” to post something from ole Shakey.

All told I probably have several discs worth of Neil covers that I’ve rounded up over the years; most of them worth their salt too as I’ve weeded out the less inspired along the way.  Below are a couple of soul infused nuggets that are always a welcome addition when they pop up on shuffle.  Heads up: the Dutch Rhythm version was culled from an exceptional Soul Sides curated compilation (O Dub – Deep Covers).

Previously: Tunde Adebimpe :: Unknown Legend (Neil Young)


MP3: Dutch Rhythm & Steel Show Band :: Down By The River
MP3: Buddy Miles :: Down By The River

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8 Responses to “Down By The River :: The Soul Covers”

  1. Justin have you heard the latest stream of Vol 8 of the new box set one of the unreleased songs called War Song with the Stray Gators is amazing.

  2. I have! Yes, very cool. I am more than a little excited to hear that disc on something other than my macbook speakers.

  3. This has been m fav tune for 20+ years. Thanks for posting such awesome renditions.

  4. excellent

  5. Great link- thanks so much. Gives me some ideas on covering the bassline.

  6. How’s that drum fill on the DR&SSB version.


  7. Excellent post. Thanks!

  8. Thought I’d hate this. How wrong I was.


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