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Released in 1989 (wow, a whole twenty years ago) The Bridge – A Tribute To Neil Young boasts an impressive array of artists representing a wide swath of the, then, contemporary “alternative” music scene.   The set is culled from a fairly diverse pool of left of center talent including, but not limited to, Nick Cave, Flaming Lips, Dinosaur Jr., Pixes, Victoria Williams and Sonic Youth; all of whom would go on to greater notoriety and mainstream success in the coming decade and beyond. Remember, kids, this is pre-Nevermind territory.

Sonic Youth, who would soon share the stage with Young two years later, took on “Computer Age” from the artists often derided 1982 Trans LP.   I can say without question I that much prefer the Sonic Youth rendering than the original.   Sonic Youth later released the track as a bonus on the 2007 reissue of Daydream Nation. Speaking of bonuses, the Pixies cover of “Winterlong” is another standout. Listen to both below.

“I didn’t want acts that people were going to say “Oh, I can take them or leave them”. I wanted to get somebody that people were going to love or hate. And I think we did a good job there. Sonic Youth are way out there on the cutting edge with what they’re doing. And it’s also extremely similar to what we’ve been doing for a long time.” – Neil Young on selecting Sonic Youth as opening support for his 1991 Ragged Glory tour. (via)

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MP3: Sonic Youth :: Computer Age
MP3: Pixies :: Winterlong
Amazon: The Bridge – A Tribute To Neil Young

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5 thoughts on “Sonic Youth :: Computer Age (Neil Young)

  1. Thank you so much for reminding me about this album. My friend made me a copy on cassette, and I listened to it nonstop until it slid off my dashboard and out an open window one summer day. I’m going out to find a copy right now.

  2. What kind of a car has a window BELOW the level of the dashboard?!?


  3. That Pixies version has long been a fave, but thanks for posting the SY— My tastes have finally caught up to it. I unfortunately lost/ dumped the “Bridge” disc years back….

  4. Ihave just finished reading Neil Young’s autobiography (Shakey) and this compilation comes up quite often in the latter chapters.

    Hadnt heard this pixies version so thanks for sharing

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