Obviously I’ve been on a bit of a Drones kick of late — and, really, I’d encourage those reading to do the same.  With five studio albums and a few live releases under their collective belt, the Melbourne, AU based group have been around for the better part of a decade, but as a yank, residing here in California, I admittedly fall into the “recent convert” camp.  As mentioned previously, I was won over post-SXSW by the 1-2 combo of 2008’s Havillah LP and the band’s April gig here in Los Angeles.  Better late than never.

Last week an AD reader hipped me to the following video of the Drones live rendering of aboriginal folk artist Kev Carmody’s “River of Tears.”  Taken from the Cannot Buy My Soul concert (recorded at The State Theatre, January 2008) the cover is one of many found on the 2007 eponymous Kev Carmody tribute album.  Would love to see this live. Inexplicably, the compilation is unavailable to U.S. residents (in neither physical nor digital formats.)  Below, compare the Drones live cover in sharp contrast to that of the studio version.  And in terms of locating a copy of the tribute album, happy hunting.

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Off The Record :: The Drones (Melbourne, AU)


MP3: The Drones :: River of Tears (Kev Carmody cover)
MP3: The Drones :: Cortez The Killer (Neil Young cover)
Amazon: The Drones – Havilla

+ Download The Drones catalog via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

6 Responses to “The Drones :: River of Tears (Kev Carmody Cover)”


    happy birthday

  2. yeah, saw the import prices

  3. welcome to my world

  4. The Drones are pretty much my greatest discovery since moving to Australia four years ago. I’ve seen them live quite a bit and they’ve played River of Tears a couple times. It’s just searing live.

  5. Yeah, live it is blistering!
    They usually close their set with it and oh man – breath = taken away!
    I’m on a hunt for an mp3 of the live version.

  6. They’re my fave local band (i live in Sydney), if you want a copy of the Kev Carmody tribute CD then drop me a line…that’s the least I can do after sampling some of the great stuff you’ve posted here.

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