Neko Case :: Dreaming Man (Neil Young Cover)


(Leading up to the June 2nd release of the first volume of Neil Young’s long awaited Archives project, AD is posting a series Neil related posts.)

Those keeping track the past couple of weeks will note this is the second cover I’ve featured culled from Neil Young’s 1992 Harvest Moon album (noticing a trend here?).   In comparison to the accolades heaped on other titles in Young’s vast catalog, Harvest Moon (arguably) often feels as under-appreciated as it is inspired.   But I digress – we’ll save that argument for another post.

While difficult to track down (edit: avail direct from neko) (at present it’s both out of print and unavailable via digital distributors)   Neko Case’s 2001 self-released Canadian Amp houses a number of covers (four by Canadian songwriters, hence the title) including her take of Young’s “Dreaming Man.”   Like the majority of the covers Case takes on, her voice here molds the track into her own.   Hank Williams fans should spin her rendering of the legend’s “Alone And Forsaken” below.

Related: Tunde Adebimpe’s cover of Young’s “Unknown Legend” off the LP here.


MP3: Neko Case :: Dreaming Man (Neil Young)
MP3: Neko Case :: Alone And Forsaken (Hank Williams)
Purchase: Neko Case – Canadian Amp

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4 thoughts on “Neko Case :: Dreaming Man (Neil Young Cover)

  1. Thanks for the Hank Williams cover. (I snagged her take on “Dreaming Man” from chromewaves a few weeks ago.)

  2. The New Pornographers officially replaced Neko with Kathryn Calder some time ago, but still perform with Neko when they can. Both are generally still considered members.

    Check out Kathyrn’s other project btw:Immaculate Machine.

    On another note, Canadian Amp is a great album. I used to have a California playlist from road trip days. It started with Joni Mitchell’s “California”but it has long since been supplanted by Neko’s “In California”which is just…perfection.

    She’s playing Vancouver in two days. So excited.

    Whatever happened with those Greek Theatre tickets?

  3. Incidentally, the above is kind of my interpretation of the situation. Please correct me if I’m either wrong or you have others.

    Kathryn certainly sings many of Neko’s parts when they tour these days, but Neko was in the studio for the last album.

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