AD Presents :: Cotton Jones, Spaceland 6.4.09


This Thursday, June 4th, Aquarium Drunkard presents Cotton Jones at Spaceland in Silver Lake aided and abetted by our friends The Parson Red Heads.   We have three pairs of tickets to giveaway to AD readers.   If you’ve been keeping up with the various projects of Michael Nau (Page France, The Broadway Hush, Cotton Jones) and want to come out, hit us up below in the comments with your first and last name, a valid email we can reach at and favorite burger   in L.A.

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MP3: Cotton Jones :: Gotta Cheer Up
MP3: Cotton Jones :: Blood Red Sentimental Blues
Amazon: Cotton Jones – Paranoid Cocoon

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10 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Cotton Jones, Spaceland 6.4.09

  1. Dude, Thursday is June 4th. Friday is June 5th. Spaceland has it going down on Thursday the 4th. Might want to get this poster fixed.

  2. The best burger in L.A. is 8oz on Melrose. I make my own w/ Avocado, gruyere, home cured bacon, balsamic grilled red onions, pickles & Spicy mayo. BAM!

  3. The best burger (besides an animal style chesseburger at good ole’ In N Out) is the Snackbar classic cheeseburger. They stuff it with some kinda garlic goodness. I wants tickets!

  4. The Lentil Burger at Vegan Lotus in NoHo. You know it’s vegetarian but it sure satisfies a meat craving.

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