Greenwich Village folker Karen Dalton’s 1969 debut, It’s So Hard To Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best, has been reissued for the first time (and on 180g vinyl) by the folks over at Light In The Attic Records.  In 2006 the label reissued Dalton’s sophomore effort, In My Own Time, which, besides a couple of folk compilation tracks, was my introduction to her work.

Vinyl: We have some copies of It’s So Hard To Tell.. to giveaway to AD readers.  If you have won either of the last couple of vinyl giveaways, please hold back and allow someone else get their hands on one of these.  Leave your name and a valid email  in the comments below.  We will contact you for your address.

MP3: Karen Dalton :: In The Evening (It’s So Hard To Tell…)
Purchase: Karen Dalton – It’s So Hard To Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best

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76 Responses to “Karen Dalton :: It’s So Hard To Tell…”

  1. Snatched up ‘In My Own Time’ about a year – it is mighty lonely, and is pining for its vinyl companion – don’t be (katie) cruel, now!

  2. woops, sorry for double post – forgot to post the email!


  3. papachorney@yahoo.com

  4. what was the last giveaway? i didn’t win that one, obviously. come on, karen!

  5. is it not enough to put email in the “mail” tab? just in case


  6. awesomeness

  7. jonnyoring@gmail.com

  8. dgaffney@forbeslibrary.org

  9. Oh man, I had no idea they were reissuing this. That’s awesome. I love everything I’ve heard from this record.

  10. Oh, it’s eminsker@gmail.com, by the way.

  11. I’d love this, thanks.

  12. i want that.

  13. Karen Dalton, on the record player, on a rainy day….Yes, please.


  14. Love me some Alton vinyl!

  15. I too would love this hauntingly beautiful gem on vinyl. You should check out the alternate version of the song “Something on your mind” from the In My Own Time reissue.

  16. sounds like an interesting listen

  17. Freakingawesome that song. Thank you Karen!

  18. SWEET!


  19. I’ve got the CD, but the LP would be super-sweet!

  20. yeah I could deal with winning a copy… great album!!!

  21. Salut!

  22. kyle@kyle-eby.com

  23. No big deal but I’ve had this on CD since the early part of this century. I’ll check the label if I can find it.

  24. please me

  25. Cracked voice but that’s what makes it interesting.

  26. katie cruel was my introduction to Karen.. a wonderfully sad , but hypnotic song that has captured my imagination ever since the first listening..

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