The Clique :: Superman


Beginning last year with Murmur, the R.E.M. catalog is once again getting the redux treatment — up next, Reckoning (more on that next week).   Listening the reissue I’ve been digging out my IRS-era vinyl including Lifes Rich Pageant.   On it, with Mike Mills on lead vocals, the band covers “Superman” by The Clique, a Texas based sixties pop band.   Check it.   This is also an excuse to run the above newspaper clipping of Buck during his days as a record store clerk, in Athens, at Wuxtry.

MP3: The Clique :: Superman

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4 thoughts on “The Clique :: Superman

  1. I wonder how Peter Buck might reflect back on that image…

    He should be proud. He looks like the quintessential comic book salesman.

  2. I remember ‘Superman’ as the first “hit” REM had outside of people in the know, despite all of the amazing music they came out with before and during that time. When I asked a local dj at a party to play some REM back then, he looked at me blankly and said “oh, yeah, REM. they do that Superman song”. Well, I wasn’t going to argue if he was willing play REM, any REM, so I replied “yeah, those guys.”

  3. This post has sent me off on a Gary Zekley tangent, which is a good way to occupy yourself on a June day. Here’s a YouTube video of him singing “Superman” with REM.

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