lo-borgesAfter two weeks of near impenetrable June Gloom here in  Los Angeles the sun has again decided to grace us with its presence. With it, Lô Borges’ 1972 self-titled album sounds that much better.  I’m a strong proponent of situational listening; I believe in both the late-night album and Sunday morning background music. I think some genres sound better if you’re in an urban environment, while others lend themselves to rural areas of near-seclusion.

I also believe in the nuances of seasonal music; note, this is not to be confused with ‘holiday’ music. Over the years I’ve convinced myself Led Zeppelin II sounds best in the Fall, that the Way of The Vaselines sounds better during the Spring, Marquee Moon in the Winter, and Culture’s Two Sevens Clash during the Summertime.  Well, in truth, I have previously only consciously thought about two of those titles (Zep II/Two Sevesn Clash) and how they relate to the seasons, but you get the idea (chalk it up to “poetic license.”)  Those at all familiar with Southern California know the region does not yield much in the way of seasons, not in a traditionally sense anyway.  A byproduct of this, at least for me since landing here eight or so years ago, is an acute awareness and appreciation of seasonal changes when I travel.

Without a doubt my consumption of reggae/dub, tropicalia, and latin fare increase as the temperature rises. While Brazil’s Lô Borges can obviously be appreciated in any environment/climate, I consistently find myself spinning this in the Summer.  The same goes for Caetano Veloso, Tom Ze,  Gilberto Gil, and the majority of the Luaka Bop catalog..  My recommendation: put this one on, sit back and find something cool to sip on.

MP3: Lô Borges :: Você Fica Melhor Assim
MP3: Lô Borges :: Fio Da Navalha
Amazon: Lô Borges – S/T

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10 Responses to “Lô Borges :: S/T (1972)”

  1. How have I lived as long as I have without ever hearing this? Sweet Jesus. Must. Own.

  2. If you haven’t, you should find Milton Nascimiento and Lo Borges’ album “Clube Da Esquina”. Wonderful stuff in the same vein from the same year.

  3. Beautiful beautiful stuff here. Thanks for posting. Would work perfectly in a mellow set with with Tony Allen “Black Voices” and some Os Mutantes of Dr. John…Bummer that the CD is so rare and costs so much online!

  4. This is a great album. it’s unfortunate Lo made so few solo records. You mentioned some great artists (ie Caetano, Gilberto) but you omitted another Brazilian heavyweight, Jorge Ben. His Ben (1972) album is one of favorites of all time.

  5. Nice pick….keep up the good work

  6. I’ve been obsessed with the “seasonal” album thing for a long time…some of the CD’s that have to be played when the seasons change…

    Summer: Love “Forever Changes”, Big Star “Radio City/#1 Record”, Stones “Exile”, David Crosby “If I Could Only Remember My Name”, Link Wray “S/T”, Dylan “Desire”, Zombies “Odesey and Oracle”

    Spring: Wilco “YHF”

    Winter: Replacements “Tim” or “Let it Be” , Otis Redding “Otis Blue”

    Fall: Anything by Gram Parsons, Unle Tupelo “Anodyne”, The Band “Music from Big Pink”, Anthology of American Folk Music

  7. As a brazilian, I am always glad (and kind of amazed) to see someone talking about Lo Borges which is not as famous as Caetano, Mutantes or Gil. The commnet on “Clube da Esquina” was very good. If anyone liked those Lo Borges songs, than Clube da Esquina is just the right album for you. Look for an instrumental song called “Clube da Esquina 2”, “Cais” and “Um girassol da cor dos seus cabelos”. It is such an inspired album. If I have to recomend anything else, I would suggest Lenny`s lattest album called “DUOS” (he was the guitar man of many Tropicalia songs). It provides a lot of good songs, specially Rodrigo Amarante’s (from los hermanos and little joy) “evaporar”. Regards, Claudio

  8. Oh, yeah, Jorge Ben. I’ve been really into A Tabua de Esmeralda lately (I think that’s from ’74). And thanks for the heads up, Claudio. That Duos album sounds great.

  9. here’s his second solo offering, just as good if not better. http://rapidshare.com/files/130304213/UQT1979_Lo_Borges_-_A_Via_Lactea.rar There are a couple duets with his sister, Solange Borges that are fantastic. She has a couple of very hard to find albums herself. I’m working on links.

  10. This album is the entire Borges Family, Lô, Solange, his brothers and parents, along with guest apperances of Elis Regina and Milton Nascimento. There are a few really great tracks on here. http://loronix.blogspot.com/search?q=os+borges&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

    And this is Solange Borges’ nearly impossible to find LP “Bom Dia Universo” from 1984 (I think) ripped from vinyl. This is excellent, pass it on. http://rapidshare.com/files/267110501/Solange_Borges.rar.html

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