AD Presents :: Rodriguez @ The El Rey, 6.27.09


June 27th AD presents Rodriguez at the El Rey in Los Angeles. We are giving away a few pairs of tickets to AD readers.   Also, if you did not win the Rodriguez vinyl last month, his label just hooked me up with another copy, so even if you don’t live in L.A. you can enter below for that.   Please let me know in the comments what you are looking for, re: the tix or vinyl…not both.

MP3: Rodriguez :: Climb Up On My Music
MP3: Rodriguez :: Heikki’s Suburbia Bus Tour
Tickets: Rodriguez @ The El Rey, June 27th

+ Download Rodriguez via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

21 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Rodriguez @ The El Rey, 6.27.09

  1. Extremely jealous of everyone who’s seeing the man this summer. Oh, and count me in for the LP please.

  2. No way I can see him live this summer, unfortunately. Hope that you can send LP overseas. Count me in for the vinyl, please.

  3. I’ve never listened to Rodriguez before. I bet a free vinyl would be a great introduction.

  4. In the 1980s I bought all of Rodriguez’s albums on vinyl:

    * Cold Fact (1970)
    * Coming from Reality (1971)
    * At His Best (Australia — 1977)

    for around half a dollar each in charity shops around my hometown, Toowoomba Australia. Nobody listened to him then except the hippies who lived in the hills. I lost two of them to an ex-girlfriend in Sydney in 1994.

  5. As a South African who kept spinning Rodriguez during his North American Dark Age (circa 1970-2008), I would like nothing more than to drop a needle on a crisp pressing. Begrudgingly, however, I think the vinyl to Jim in Oz so that he crank up “Only Good For Conversation” and extinguish any residual trauma left over by that swindling harlot back in 94.

  6. Saw him in Philly a couple of weeks ago, wonderful show — great sound and crowd. Please hook me up with the new vinyl.

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