Well Hung :: ’60s Communist Hungarian Funk


When I’m asked “so, what are you listening to these days?” more often than not, the answer regularly involves some sort of compilation, sanctioned or otherwise, ranging from dancehall, dub, French pop, tropicalia, Ethiopian hybrid jazz/funk to ’60s garage-rock, freakbeat, obscure soul and weird psych comps from yesteryear.   While I will always be an admirer of the album format, these collections, in terms of gathering up the one-offs and interesting curios, consistently deliver (see labels: Soul Jazz, Numero Group, LITA, Now-Again, and countless others.)   Sure, the mass proliferation of the last decade of Internetz has made it much easier to round up such nuggets on one’s own, but a thought out, expertly curated, compilation cannot be beat.

Which brings us to….Well Hung: 20 Funk Rock Eruptions from Beneath Communist Hungary, a compilation of 1960’s Hungarian funk.   While I am sure there are experts out there who could write tomes on the minutiae of the genre/movement, it is collections such as these that round up both the heavy-hitters (Metro, Illes) with the more obscure.  Dig.

Elsewhere: Visit You Ain’t No Picasso for an additional track off the comp….

MP3: Anna Adamis & Gabor Presser :: Ringsad El Magad No.2
MP3: Metro :: A Pénz
Amazon: Well Hung: 20 Funk Rock Eruptions from Beneath Communist Hungary

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4 thoughts on “Well Hung :: ’60s Communist Hungarian Funk

  1. I lived in Budapest in a fully furnished Flat for a semester. It came with a sweet record collection, which I was tempted (but restrained myself) to abscond with at the end of the semester. Anyway this was there on Vinyl. Aquarium Drunkard have you ever listened Kaputter Hamster? They are an awesome prog/kraut rock band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRig3hnkroA

  2. Isn’t this a Finder’s Keepers release? Love those guys. Their B-Music compilations are without peer, especially the bonus track on Drive In, Turn On, Freak Out – check it out if you haven’t already got it.

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