Spriral Stairs :: Maltese Terrier (MP3)


I twittered about this bit of Pavement related news a couple of weeks ago, but in case you missed it…Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Stairs, is set to release his solo debut October 20th via Matador Records. Note this is not to be confused with Kannberg’s initial post-Pavement project Preston School of Industry.

Release Details: Following an extended sojourn in Melbourne, Spiral returned to Seattle rejuvenated at the end of ‘08, and commenced recording with a collection of pals including members of PSOI, the Posies, guitarist Ian Moore, Gersey, and Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew.   Mixed by the Posies’ Jon Auer, this album is by far the most crafted and introspective of Spiral’s post-Pavement works. (via)

MP3: Spriral Stairs :: Maltese Terrier

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5 thoughts on “Spriral Stairs :: Maltese Terrier (MP3)

  1. i like this one a lot! looking forward to hearing the whole record this Fall. As always, thanks for posting!

  2. This should be very cool…I woudlnt mind seeing them put all of this solo energy into a pavement reunion though.

  3. A Pavement reunion would be most awesome. It probably will not happen for a long time if at all. Thanks for this track, really like the sound.

  4. is that spiral on vocals? if so, i like it so much more than his pavement songs/vocals. this song kicks ass – it sounds like he is singing in a british accent. lol
    thanks for this

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