File under: New to me.  Denton, TX outfit The Baptist Generals released No Silver/No Gold on Sub Pop in 2003, but I didn’t catch wind of it until this May while visiting a friend in Atlanta. While definitely not an easy listen (this is far cry from the comfortable sounds of label mates Iron & Wine), those with an appreciation for very rough around the edges, lo-fi folk and roots music will immediately relate to the contents contained within. The atmosphere of the songs reside somewhere between an inebriated Isaac Brock field recording and a long lost Jeff Mangum bedroom cassette.  No idea if the group is still intact, or if they even play out live anymore, as the website lists dates without a corresponding year.

MP3: The Baptist Generals :: Going Back Song
MP3: The Baptist Generals :: Alcohol (Turn And Fall)
The Baptist Generals – No Silver/No Gold

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  1. Going Back Song has been on a fairly heavy rotation for me the last few weeks since I found it. Sounds lonesome and familiar. Alcohol, not overly impressed.

  2. This is one of those albums that will absolutely consume you for a while if you feel it. Highly recommended for summer lounging and longing with plenty of margaritas and beer.

  3. […] just to find that dream date of yours or look for new friends to talk to and to be with. The Baptist Generals :: No Silver/No Gold – 07/10/2009 Published on Thursday, July 9th, 2009 at 8:57 pm File […]

  4. These guys are great and reside just up the road from me in Denton. they are stillplaying together, though not quite as often it seems. Flemmons, the leader, recently organized the NX35 conference in Denton, that took place a week before SXSW adn it was pretty great, actually, featuring mainly Denton bands. If you arent familiar with what is going on in Denton, give it a try…

  5. I first heard and saw the Baptist Generals open for John Vanderslice open for the Mountain Goats at TT the Bear’s in Boston back in 2003. My roommate and friend up and left after the show, tagging along with the Generals selling merch for the three bands.

  6. Probably one of my favorite releases of the 00’s. I can’t say enough good about this album every time I revisit it. The way they transition into one of the most beautiful melodies every time you think it’s too far gone breaks my heart.

  7. I see these guys all the time in Denton. One of them actually works/used to work as a waiter at a local Chinese restaurant (Mr. Chopsticks). I actually saw him the other night at the Low show here in Dallas…unfortunately, looks like nothing new in the works for them though

  8. there first album,Dog, is awesome. No silver/No gold is the masterpiece. their third album was due out a couple years ago. at least i remember hearing that it was coming out in 2006. they have some really great new ones. raw from self destruction might be the best thing chris has ever written. one of my favorite bands.

  9. […] Flemmons has spent at least some of the 10 years between the release of his last record — cult-favorite “No Silver/No Gold” — and his latest, Jackleg Devotionals to the Heart, literally studying what makes us tick. […]

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