It’s hot out there today — this should help. I happened upon this cover of the Ronettes “Be My Baby” a couple of weeks ago via the power of…wait for it…twitter.  Chris, from GvsB, left a tweet (yeah, I hate that word) directing the world to the folks over at Mad Decent who had posted a sixties Spanish language cover of the tune by the long defunct Les Surfs.

MP3: Les Surfs :: Tú Serás Mi Baby (Be My Baby)

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5 Responses to “Les Surfs :: Tú Serás Mi Baby (Be My Baby)”

  1. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

  2. Sweet. Really sweet.

  3. Speaks to the strength of the song that it works so well in a language I don’t even understand fluently. I third the awesome responses.

  4. Absolutely love this! Unfortunately, I can find virtually no information about this band at all. =[

  5. i’ve been looking for this for over a month after hearing it in a falafel place in brooklyn. thank goodness.

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