Back here on the L.A. homefront — multi-lingual afro-pop enthusiasts Fool’s Gold, who have signed with Los Angeles based IAMSOUND Records, just released “Surprise Hotel” the first single from their full-length debut due out this September.  If you’re local and did not catch one of their appearances at the Echo in April, you may want to get on it. Highly recc’d.

MP3: Fool’s Gold :: Surprise Hotel

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2 Responses to “Fool’s Gold :: Surprise Hotel”

  1. The sunshine is taking hold of the Drunkard. JG kickin’ the summer jams.

  2. […] with — Cass McCombs, Foreign Born and Paper Cuts to name a few.  And then there’s Fool’s Gold, the group he co-founded with Lewis Pesacov that also enlists friends and colleagues from various […]

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