Person To Person is the album I’d been waiting to hear from Foreign Born since first catching their live show in Echo Park three years ago. Entering the club cold, having never heard of the band, I left two hours later a fan.  The second time I saw them I was the house DJ for the 2007 PLUG L.A. awards; they were one of four artists on the bill and, without question, owned the night. With such an immediate stage prescence I had high hopes for their 2007 debut, On The Wing Now, but ultimately did not feel it capitalized on the band’s strengths, falling short of their live performance.  Enter Person To Person in 2009 — a new year, a new album and a new label.

If you’ve caught my radio show over the past four months you’ve most likely heard me discuss this LP, as I’ve been spinning tracks pretty consistently since receiving a promotional copy. Staying power.  Released last month via the Secretly Canadian label, Person To Person finds Foreign Born embracing their “sunnier” side,” an in doing so have crafted one of my very favorite local L.A. releases of 2009.  Wrapped in percussion and lush vocal harmonies, this is a pop record that entangles a number of genres (pop/folk/highlife/second-line funk)  without stepping on their own toes. The term “summer record” gets bandied around quite a bit this time of year, but in the case of Person To Person I cannot think of a more apt description. photo credit (here)

Local: If you’re here in Los Angeles, Foreign Born are doing free show Thursday night, July 16, on th westside at the Hammer Museum.

MP3: Foreign Born :: Blood Oranges
MP3: Foreign Born :: That Old Sun
Purchase: Foreign Born – Person To Person

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Foreign Born :: Winter Games (Video)

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