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Facts is facts — in 2009 “punk”, as an adjective, has quite the stigma.   This is not exactly breaking news.   Now three decades into its run, the general populace most likely equates the term punk with that of Good Charlotte, and/or whatever the mall kids are purchasing at Hot Topic this week; rather than, say, the sounds of Johnny Thunders,   Hüsker Dü, Minor Threat, Ramones, Bad Brains, Wire, Black Flag or the Minutemen (What would D. Boon do?).   Regardless, those who know where to look know where to find the good shit, and friends, Death is most definitely the good shit.

For The Whole World To See, compliments of the Drag City label, is a piece of early seventies Detroit proto-punk that takes its cues from the Stooges and MC5, all with the underlying soul of George Clinton’s Funkadelic.   The label, who also famously unearthed Gary Higgins’ 1973 psych-folk masterpiece, Red Hash, have resurrected the band bundling their sole 1975 single (“Keep On Knocking”/”Politicians In My Eyes”) with five additional tracks.

Anyway, enough reading.   Go listen to “Politicians In My Eyes,” especially from minute 2:15 through the end at 5:51.   Death goes off.

MP3: Death :: Politicians In My Eyes
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7 thoughts on “Death :: For The Whole World To See

  1. You’re right on here. Heard this and another Death track a few months ago, and thought it couldn’t possibly live up to all the hype. Then I listened, and it was mind-blowing good. Long deserved recognition.

  2. I bought this one off iTunes a few months ago and it’s definitely a winner. It’s chunky, raw, and rockin’ in all the right places. Plus, my 1 1/2 year old LOVES moshin’ around to it. Viva Death!

  3. an honest to god, true buried treasure. first rodriguez, now death… what else is lurking in the forgotten history of detroit???! hopefully more stuff of this quality!

    fyi: death is playing detroit in the fall!

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