Jason Lytle :: AD SIRIUS/XMU Session


Today, during the second hour of our SIRIUS/XM show, we will air the session with Jason Lytle cut in March, during SXSW, at The Ship’s party at Homeslice.   Lytle was in Austin in support of his, then, soon to be released solo debut Yours Truly, The Commuter.   Grandaddy fans: Note the inclusion of “Jed The Humanoid” (The Sophtware Slump) and “Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake” (Sumday).   Big thanks to Aaron Espinoza and all our friends at The Ship.

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MP3: Jason Lytle :: Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake (SXSW @ The Ship)
MP3: Jason Lytle :: Yours Truly (SXSW @ The Ship)
MP3: Jason Lytle :: Brand New Sun (SXSW @ The Ship)
MP3: Jason Lytle :: Jed The Humanoid (SXSW @ The Ship)

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2 thoughts on “Jason Lytle :: AD SIRIUS/XMU Session

  1. Great sound, wonderful songs. Hearing Jason’s stuff is always a pleasure. Thanks to all those involved in this session!

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