Beardo.  As I mentioned last week while discussing Death’s For The Whole World To See, the Drag City label is no stranger to digging up and releasing the long lost and nearly forgotten.  In 2005 the label pulled a similar trick re-releasing Gary Higgins’ 1973 LP Red Hash, a psych-folk classic and precursor to what would be described several decades later as ‘freak-folk.’  If that decriptor does something for you, and you happened to somehow miss this album upon its ’05 re-release, listen to its lead off track “Thicker Than A Smokey” below.   A sleeper upon its initial release, it took decades for Red Hash to untimately grow into its new role, that of genre classic.

In other Drag City seventies folk news, this week the label is re-releasing three rare seventies Bert Jansch records, L.A. Turnaround, Santa Barbara Honeymoon and A Rare Conundrum.  Not their first rodeo with the artist the label released Jansch’s 2006 LP The Black Swan in 2006.


MP3: Gary Higgins :: Thicker Than a Smokey
Amazon: Gary Higgins – Red Hash

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3 Responses to “Rehashing Red Hash & Rare Bert Jansch Reissues”

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  2. Extremely excited for the new pressing of “L.A. Turnaround.”

  3. Now you’re talking! These should be interesteing

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