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True Panther Sounds, again in conjunction with Matador, is releasing the San Francisco based duo Girls debut album on September 22nd.   In what could soon become a growing trend, the album is simply entitled album.   Girls channel the vocals of an early, lo-fi, Elvis Costello had he been born 30 years later riding a wave of golden coast folk and pop. The duo played the Echo, here in L.A., Monday night to a sold out crowd with POBPAH, and according to friends in attendance, quickly won over the crowd and then some.   The two tracks below are the cleaned up/mastered versions from the hellhole 10″ (edit: thx chocolate) (hat tip to Chris for the heads up on these new versions).

MP3: Girls :: Hellhole Ratrace
MP3: Girls :: Solitude

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5 thoughts on “Girls :: Album

  1. Wow, I really like this but I happened to listen to “Hellhole Ratrace” right after my roommate told me to get out of the house and not be alone with my thoughts… kinda depressing.

  2. hellhole ratrace was actually released as a 10″. The UK version, which is only one release so far, is sold out. True Panther should have a US edition shortly. Definitely a must grab

  3. I’m surprised people are freaking out so much about this band, kind of just sounds like wilco…

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