Crime/Sonic Youth :: Hot Wire My Heart


Switching gears entirely, and the words of John Cleese, “and now for something completely different.”   With the release of Sonic Youth’s The Eternal earlier this summer I’ve been working in tracks from Evol and Sister on ye olde aquarium drunkard radio show.   Actually, that’s not entirely true as I tend to consistently pull from these LPs regardless of what is happening release-wise.   So much for a “segue” into this post.   Anyway, I will be spinning the Youth’s “Hot Wire My Heart” (off Sister) this Friday so let’s just just run with that.   And I may even play the original that SY covered — the seminal   7″ by ’70s San Franciscan punks, Crime.   Alright, as you were.


MP3: Sonic Youth :: Hot Wire My Heart
MP3: Crime :: Hot Wire My Heart

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2 thoughts on “Crime/Sonic Youth :: Hot Wire My Heart

  1. Thank you! I haven’t heard of Crime before and I was impressed by their song. Thanks to your post I looked them up and gained a little more knowledge about them and punk’s roots. I hope you can post about Crime again in the future.

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