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The inevitability of impulse purchases. As if the physical CD/mp3s weren’t enough, in an inexplicable need to own the title in all three available formats, I went whole-hog several weeks ago and picked up the vinyl issue of Deerhunter’s Cryptograms (that now additionally includes the band’s 2007 Fluorescent Grey EP).   During the same run I also ran across a used vinyl copy of fellow Deerhunter Lockett Pundt’s solo debut, The Floodlight Collective, recorded under his Lotus Plaza moniker.   Fans of his main gig and/or dream pop awash in a haze of guitars and nostalgia need to give this a spin in its entirety — bar a few mp3s downloaded off blogs I made the mistake of sleeping on this one until last month.   Interestingly, as Surfing on Steam noted, one of the tracks Pundt gave away on the Deerhunter blog in February, “Dot Gain,” is not included on Floodlight (ed. an alternate version appears on Deerhunter’s Weird Era Contd).   Reportedly recorded in a day, and self described by Pundt as “pretty sloppy,”   the track demonstrates, at a base level, what I love about the DH/Lotus Plaza aesthetic.

In other Deerhunter/Atlas Sound ‘news,’ Bradford Cox has posted his latest micromix (ep.21) on the Deerhunter blog including tracks by Pescado Rabioso, Neil Young, Juana Molina, Atlas Sound and others.

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MP3: Lotus Plaza :: Dot Gain

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