Sixties French Freakbeat (Vinyl Rips)


As I hinted at last month, if I was to really break it down, the majority of my annual ‘music spend’ goes towards various genre compilations; largely due to residing just a few miles from Amoeba Music.   This, trust me, is both a blessing and curse as a number of the more interesting comps often seem to be imports, complete with the associated import prices.   I’m making a point to feature more of these on AD as, amongst the clutter, there are some real finds. Competing with these sanctioned compilations are the unsanctioned, bootleg, variety which are often just as, if not more, interesting than their legit counterparts.   The following is a bootleg compilation of vinyl rips of 1960s French Freakbeat tracks I happened upon several years ago (and originally posted in ’07).

Unfortunately, that is about the extent of my knowledge of the recordings as little information is to be found scouring the net. Although, I did like Metroactive Music’s apt description: “A rare bootleg collection that explores mid 1960s mod-influenced psychedelia of French bands that were paying strict attention to their British brethren, most notably The Small Faces.” Anyone with an ear and appreciation for sixties garage will absolutely love this stuff.   Highest recommendation.   Snap, crackle and pop.

MP3: Le Bain Didonc :: 4 cheveux dans le vent
MP3: Les 5 Gentlemen :: LSD 25 Ou Les Metamorphoses De Margaret Steinway
MP3: Les Boots :: Laissez Briller Le Soleil
MP3: Les Capitals :: Nous On Chante

+ Download the rest of the compilation after the jump.   Don’t miss The Brummel’s “Bof!”

MP3: Les Bowlers :: Je Me Moquerai De Toi
MP3: Les Sparks :: Souris
MP3: Les Gaelic :: Gardez les Cheveux Longs
MP3: Five Travellers – Story of Wonder
MP3: Les 5 Gentlemen :: Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi
MP3: The Somethings :: Le Monde Infernal
MP3: Les Safari :: Elle Avait Tout
MP3: The Brummels :: Bof!
MP3: Les Gypsys :: Je Ne Te Pardonnerai Pas
MP3: Les Bowlers :: Ne L’attends Pas

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18 thoughts on “Sixties French Freakbeat (Vinyl Rips)

  1. whoo. this is too much fun. thanks so much for making it available. and for the cover photo. ooh la la.

  2. Love the name of the jpg :”bardot-guitar-hotness.jpg”. You betcha!!!
    i have to admit i think there are several clunkers in this comp…as a friend used to say you have to pass the caviar with the sardines..
    I listened to it back in 07 and still come back to it once in a while. “Bof!” is probably the best of the bunch!

  3. Definitely worth the lesson and the hard drive space. I come back to it also, more often than not. Despite not knowing what they are singing the French “got” it when the British had a monopoly. Ah Europe!

  4. These are awesome; thanks so much for posting this! I have a few tracks like this (from an unkown artist; a friend put them on a mix for me a few years back) and these are great additions to my very small collection.

  5. I can’t imagine finding anything like this without your peculiar knowledge. Well, I can imagine it but I can also imagine Ubik and The Kugelmass Episode. Strange way to write thank you, I know. Thank you.

  6. Have you heard Ultra Chicks? Good French 60s comp of female led groups. Worth checking.

  7. Good times. I’ve noticed that whenever the French mimic another country’s style it’s always really cool. I listen to Phoenix and can’t help but think “this French band do American rock n roll is better than all the American bands I love”. This comp. is retro proof of that. THANX

  8. There’s a DJ in Boston — Christopher Muther — who specializes in these discs/songs. He’s especially good with French covers of rock tunes. He used to have a set called “Mint Julep Mondays” at one of the bars. I don’t live in Boston now (didn’t when I met him either) but you can find him by name on Facebook and if you have upload capabilities I can share some of the songs (I have two of his mix CDs). Really nice guy so feel free to contact him directly.

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