Like the sixties French Freakbeat compilation, Scarcest Garage Records (pt. 1 & 2) is a compilation I often frequent that has little to no information to be found online. In the 21st century, this fact alone adds yet another element of genuinely non-manufactured retro-cool to its already smoldering 26 tracks. This is herky-jerky garage rock at its finest.

Like some of my favorite comps, this one was passed on to me, some time ago, from fellow sixties garage rock enthusiast/collector, with only the caveat of “you just gotta hear this.”  He was right – I did, and you do.

Elsewhere: A number of garage-centric music blogs have begun since I originally posted these tracks in 2007.  Check out my current favorite, the exceptional Garage Hangover.


MP3: The French Church :: Slapneck 1943
MP3: The Olivers :: I Saw What You Did
MP3: Evil Enc Group :: The Point Is
MP3: London N’ The Bridges :: It Just Ain’t Right
MP3: The Loved Ones :: Surprise, Surprise (For You)

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MP3: The Executioners :: I Want A Rain
The Heathens :: Problems
The Hangman :: Faces
The Romancers – Loves The Thing
The Jagged Edge :: How Many Times
Don & Jerry With The Fugitives :: In The Cover of Night
The Deepest Blue :: Somebody’s Girl
The Kings Ransom :: Shame
The Evil :: Always Runnin’ Around
The New Dawn :: Slave of Desire
The Bit’ A Sweet :: Out of Sight , Out of Mind
The Todds :: I Want Her Back
Art Guy :: Where You Gonna Go
The Tears :: Weatherman
The Loved ones :: Together, Together
The Other Side :: Walking Down The Road
The Gentleman Wild :: You Gotta Leave
The Nervous Breakdown :: I Dig Your Mind
The Echoes of Carnaby Street :: Baby Doesn’t Know
The Spats :: She Done Moved
The Bush :: Feeling Sad And Lonely

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9 Responses to “’60s Choice Collection of Scarcest Garage Records”

  1. ah, excellent post. thanks for sharing.

  2. Anyone have an Mp3 of “Mr. Sun” by Soundvendor? I think they were from the Seattle area circa 1967-1968.

  3. great stuff here!

  4. i still love when these tracks come on shuffle. some truly great, unknown stuff, ‘i dig your mind’ & ‘weatherman’ especially…

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  6. Thanks!!!

  7. I used to have this until some scum pinched it..
    It really is the best garage comp ever, tell me one thats better, you wont..!!!

  8. Thanks xx

  9. Thanks,i am coming from Greece.Great job!!

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