Screaming Lord Sutch :: Jack the Ripper

Yesterday, I received a twitter reply — in response the the sixties garage rock set — hailing the campy greatness that is Screaming Lord Sutch.   For horror movie obsessed, kitschy, garage rock at its finest, I couldn’t agree more.   Alice Cooper had nothing on this guy. The lord’s best known track, “Jack The Ripper, has been covered by various ’00s garage enthusiasts including Black Lips, White Stripes and, naturally, the Horrors, though, really, none compare to the original.   Check out this live version too — dude is a freak.

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7 thoughts on “Screaming Lord Sutch :: Jack the Ripper

  1. Great post (once again!), thanks for that link to the live version, that guy was nuts indeed!

  2. And let’s not forget his long and colorful career on the fringes of British politics as the leader of the Monster Raving Loonie Party!

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