Flaming Lips fans, AD is presenting their Pomona gig on the 18th at the Fox Theater.  We have pairs of tickets to giveaway to AD readers…and we also have tickets to give away for the L.A. date (17th) at the Greek Theatre as well.  If you are interested in a pair, leave you name below and state which show you are interested in.  We will email you with confirmation.

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33 Responses to “AD Presents :: The Flaming Lips @ The Fox, 9.18”

  1. LA on the 17th @ the Greek!

  2. I’d prefer the Greek performance. Pomona will do in a pinch though.

  3. Could do either but the Greek show would be great 🙂

  4. The 18th @ the Fox Theater would make a great birthday present!

  5. Please ignore my previous comment. Can’t make it.

  6. Jace Brittain @ the greek on the 17th. woohoo.

  7. I’d be into attending either concert if the tickets aren’t already gone 🙂

  8. the 18th. my wife and i would love to go. Thanks for the help and have an awesome day.

  9. the 18th. thanks.

  10. This is great. I would like tickets to the show on 9/18. Thanks in advance.

  11. Would love to hit the Fox show.

  12. the greek would be awesome

  13. The Greek show on the 18th would be great! Thanks!

  14. Pomona would be awesome! It’s closer to me.

  15. the fox yo. the fox!

  16. That would be awesome to get a pair for the greek!

  17. Pomona would be awesome!

  18. Greek!

  19. Either show would be great!!

  20. I’d love to have a shot at the Pomona tickets. Great giveaway!

  21. Tickets for the Greek would be awesome – thanks!

  22. Either one of the dates would be great! Thanks.

  23. Hello I am Damian Angel.
    And I would love to have some tickets for the Greek Theater show on the 18th!

  24. Oh the fox please! I got a flat on my way to see them and missed the show!

  25. The fearless freaks at the fox please!

  26. Tickets to the Fox theatre would be great!

  27. never seen the lips… the fox theater would be awesome!

  28. fox theater please… i’ll take my boyfriend whom i love!

  29. Fox Theater Please! I’ve never seen them either.

  30. I’d love to go tonight if there are any tix still left, but of course, I would settle for pomona show!

  31. My lips are on fire. 8/18 tickets will make them worse.

  32. woud love a ticket to pomona tonight. have had a terrible past 2 weeks, im in dire need of some sort of emotional elation.

  33. Flaming Lips at the Fab Fox would be such a treat –

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