Keeping us up on all things Underwater Peoples related, GvsB posted a collaboration between Family Portait’s Evan Brody and Julian Lynch. The pair, dubbed Pillow Talk, get their rocksteady on covering Junior Walker’s “What Does It Take (To Win Your Love).”  Go grab it HERE.  Listen below for more faded and hazy lo-fi pop from the Family Portrait crew.  “Mega Secrets” alone captures everything I’ve loved about this most recent wave of lo-fi.

MP3: Family Portrait :: Mega Secrets
MP3: Family Portrait :: On The Floor

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4 Responses to “August Is Faded & Hazy”

  1. “Mega Secrets” is totally my summer jam, can’t wait for the 7″ to be released.

  2. august is faded and hazy indeed. thanks for the post, chums.

  3. what’s with the Ray Johnson art?

  4. he’s all over their myspace page. (johnson)

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