Luke Top likes to dabble — genre-wise that is. If you’re local, here in Los Angeles, you’ve most likely seen Top gigging around town with one of the various projects he’s loosely affiliated with — Cass McCombs, Foreign Born and Paper Cuts to name a few.  And then there’s Fool’s Gold, the group he co-founded with Lewis Pesacov that also enlists friends and colleagues from various other L.A. outfits (Foreign Born, Glasser) — itself a project not to be missed.

Top’s solo debut, Friends, released earlier this summer via Slow Death Records is a slice of southern California mellow as viewed by someone who was born in Tel Aviv to an Iraqi refugee before eventually landing on the golden coast.  An eclectic affair to be sure.

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MP3: Luke Top :: Friends

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5 Responses to “Luke Top :: Friends”

  1. the link to the label is broken…

  2. Digging all this Foreign Born/Fool’s Gold-related stuff the last couple of weeks.

  3. This sounds so good! Thanks for posting it

  4. yep. definitely sounds like foreign born

  5. foreign born’s new album is my album-de-jour! and it pretty much has been all summer! this is great stuff too.

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