Aquarium Drunkard presents Dungen, Wednesday night, at the Troubadour in West Hollywood.  Woods and Kurt Vile support. We are giving away tickets to AD readers.  Leave your name and email in the comments – tix will be at will-call.

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22 Responses to “AD Presents :: Dungen @ The Troubadour 8.26”

  1. Dude. This is going to be rad.

  2. SWEET!

  3. whoa! missed them last time they were here, would love to catch this show!

  4. i want to go to this show real bad.

  5. Should be an amazing show. Thanks AD!

  6. Would love to check the show out. Kurt Vile is a nice bonus.

  7. Very cool– Thanks!!

  8. i love Dungen!

  9. Count me in.

  10. woods and kurt vile together??? plus dungen headlining? matches made in heaven! count me in.

  11. they were awesome here in NYC (bell house) DUNGEN!!!!!

  12. I’d love to go tomorrow night!

  13. Saw Dungen play in Minneapolis. Amazing! Thanks.

  14. Hope to get to see this tomorrow!

  15. My boyfriend has been talking about Dungen all last week. I am excited to actually see them perform. See all you peoples there!

  16. This is a great line up.

  17. hooray!

  18. Dungen is so out of control amazing. They’re all I’m listening to right now…must go…

  19. dungen is great!


  21. Hope Dungen plays “festival”

  22. great show

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