Comprised mainly of garage, folk and psychedelia, Chairman of The Board is pure surf-kitsch from the days of long boards and longer beards.  AD covered this upon it’s release, but here at the tail-end of Summer we’re taking another dip.  Released two summers ago, on the UK based Harmless Records, this rarities import compilation gathers up 18 tracks originally featured on surf movie soundtracks during the ’60s and ’70s. This, mind you, is the old-school surf culture, with filmmakers commissioning original scores and soundtracks for their films: Crystal Voyager, Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun, Morning Of The Earth, Evolution and Super Session —  all are represented here.

MP3: Farm :: San Ho Zay (From Innermost Limits of Pure Fun)
MP3: Music Convention :: Big Green (From Children of the Sun)
Amazon: Chairman of The Board (import)

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