AD Presents :: Weird Summer, A Mixtape

We are Mondo Boys — a NY/LA mixtape/sound collage collaborative. This is our faded out late-summer mix. We do cassettes/digital.

“WEIRD SUMMER” was created exclusively to get you through those last few incredibly sticky days of the hottest god damn summer you can remember. Fuel for the fire. Grab that boom box, hit the beach, and turn up the volume. Best served before 9.21.2009. Mucho take it easy. – MB

(mondo boys are: m. schanzlin, n. punwar, m. griffin, and j. gage)

Takeshi Terauchi & Bunnys: Mamurogawa Ondo
The Books: You’ll Never Be Alone
Os Mutantes: Tempo No Tempo
Lind & The Linders: Gin No Kusari
Richard Swift: The Bully
Anne Phillipe: Onmatou Jours Dit
Atlas Sound feat. Noah Lennox: Walkabout
Richard Swift: The Bully
Jack & The Rippers: Cathy’s Clown
Foreign Born: Early Warnings
Orange Juice: Falling and Laughing
The Nigerian Rhythm Group: The Wind In A Frolic / Giles, Giles & Fripp: Just George, Parts 1-3
Akron/Family: Ed Is A Portal
Elijah & The Ebonites: Hot Grits!!!
Love: Wonder People (I Do Wonder) (Outtake)
Otis Redding: Let Me Come On Home
Tandemoro: Medicine for Melancholy (Outtake)
Otis Redding: Stay in School (Excerpt)
The Kinks: Picture Book
Jan Jelinek/G.E.S.: Laokoon Orinoco (Excerpt)
Magnetic Zeros: Home
The Love Language: Providence
Javelin: Tell Me, What Will It Be
Little Joy: No One’s Better Sake
Dara Puspita: Tanah Airku
King Khan & The Shrines: Que Lindo Sueî±o
The Michaels: Beach Sleeper (Outtake)
Best Coast: Something In The Way You Say My Name
Nancy Sinatra: Tonight You Belong to Me
The Love Language: Lalita
Fiery Furnaces: Benton Harbor Blues
Jan Jelinek/G.E.S.: Laokoon Orinoco (Excerpt)
The Equals: No Love Could Be Sweeter

photo by: Mikaylah Bowman

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88 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Weird Summer, A Mixtape

  1. Hey
    Nice Mix tape !

    you should invite others to post their “End of Summer” Mix tapes..


  2. Aquarium Drunkard should do a feature where readers can post their own summer mixtapes (in response to comment #3).

    Yer Weird Summer Mixtape presents a phenomenal cache of tracks – this will be a mainstay in my iPod/iTunes rotation for a while.

  3. Yeah, but where’s “Weird Summer” by the Velvet Crush? 🙂

    Awesome mix, no doubt. Now I need to throw a Labor Day party!

  4. Simply brilliant Mr. Gage, congrats. Triumphant at times and pure fun at others — you’ve captured the end of summer days quire well.

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  6. This is without doubt the best summer mix I’ve heard all year. You guys did an amazing job, from the song selection to the ordering to the flow it’s obvious that you put a lot of time and work into it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. great great stuff, thank you! i feel the need to call in sick to work and head down to coney island.

  8. Hey aquariumdrunkard

    are you going to allow us to share our mix tapes “End of Summer” too, or just take all the glime..

    I guess we might all show Yeah up!

  9. thanks so much for this mix which came in handy while cooking boning swimming here at the end of the summer…really

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  11. What a great mix tape; works for the 50 something dad and the 15 year old daughter. Thanks so much for posting the link.

    Mark and Eleanor

  12. Amazing mix. Turned me on to a whole slew of bands I was unaware of.
    Plan on putting this on a 60 minute cassette, it was made for it.
    Bookmarking blog…now.

  13. I’ve been listening to your mix while driving around this past week and this is an exceptionally fine collection to evoke summer. The transitions are just wonderful! Thank you for putting it together.

  14. Fantastic. Ultimate driving to the beach tunes!!!! Reached their full potential en route to Robert Moses with boards on Sunday. PAZ!

  15. I’ll be playing this late into November, as ” The Summer” in Florida becomes more and more tolerable toward driving with the windows down.

    Thanks and get to work on Weird Summer 2, Son of Weird Summer…please?

  16. Is this still up for download? I can’t tell. When I try to download either the zip or mp3, it seems to cancel itself after only a few megabytes… May I request a re-up if it’s not just something wrong with my computer?

  17. Just threw a fourth of July party with this mix as background music. It went over swimmingly. Thanks!

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