I’m splitting town for the weekend – driving a hundred miles up the coast to Santa Barbara for a friend’s wedding.  Last month this friend turned me on to the South Carolinian bedroom-synth project of Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out.  The track was “Feel It All Around,” and it has since made the blog-rounds 100 times over. But don’t confuse this for hype bullshit.  This is beautifully executed simple synthedelia that makes no promises it can’t keep.  Recorded in a rural section of Georgia, at six tracks, Washed Out’s Life of Leisure EP is now available, digitally, over at Mexican Summer with the vinyl edition dropping next month. I hope we hear more from Greene in 2010.

MP3: Washed Out :: Feel It All Around

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  2. This is so great. I bought the record the second I heard it was for sale.

  3. You must have read my mind J. Gage. I’ve been liking this dude a lot these last couple weeks. Hold Out is a great tune too. Good look.

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