Sweet Tea :: If I Were A Carpenter / Crazy Arms


The 7″, or the EP for that matter, often excels in its brevity.   In and out.   Sweet Tea, the Austin, TX collaboration between the Black Angels Alex Maas and Heartless Bastards Erika Wennerstrom, know this.   Culled from the limited edition, white vinyl 7″, the following two tracks, both covers,   sound like country & western if crafted in the back of a methadone clinic.

LA: Heartless Bastards perform at the Troubadour September 2nd.

MP3: Sweet Tea :: If I Were A Carpenter
MP3: Sweet Tea :: Crazy Arms

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Tea :: If I Were A Carpenter / Crazy Arms

  1. Any chance we could see a re-post? Just heard about this on the Black Angel’s live KUT performance and I’m jones-ing to hear it. Thanks!

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