Aquarium Drunkard presents The Avett Brothers, Saturday night, at the The Orpheum in downtown L.A.  The band is touring behind their upcoming LP  I And Love And You. We are giving away tickets to AD readers.  Leave your name and email in the comments – tix will be at will-call. ++ Giveaway now closed, 10 winners were notified via email that provided full name for will-call.

+ Download The Avett Brothers via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

24 Responses to “AD Presents :: The Avett Brothers @ The Orpheum”

  1. Great band. Would be very cool to see them.

  2. I’ve heard how amazing they are live, very cool to see them

  3. Lots of energy live, I hear. Glad to see North Carolina music scene doing well

  4. My favorite band I have been dying to see them!

  5. The are my favorite band! I would love to win tickets. Thank you for your time and kind offer! xoxo

  6. Would love to see them at the Orpheum…I haven’t been there yet!

  7. […] sometimes, you would think the guy would thank me, but no, he got all offended and fired me. AD Presents :: The Avett Brothers @ The Orpheum – aquariumdrunkard.com 09/02/2009 Published on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 12:42 am […]

  8. Would love to catch these guys when they come through town!

  9. Would be cool to see these guys live.

  10. Hey Justin! This is Juan Pablo. C and I wld love to go this show. Add us to that list — and thank you! Look forward to it.

  11. Love them and they are GREAT live. Love AD for this and for continuing to showcase great music.

  12. Thank you so much for doing this!

  13. Love you guys for doing these things…thank you!

  14. i can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night. Thanks

  15. Avett Bros kill it live! You guys (and girls) are amazing, THANK YOU!

  16. Had the pleasure of seeing them in May, would love to see them again. Their live show is different every single time and is always incredible. Thanks a lot for promoting the show and for your daily posts of fantastic tunes.

  17. I’d love to go to the show. Can I get +1?

  18. AD is the new AC. Keeping my summers cool and my concerts cooler!

    If there is tickets left, please put me on the list and if there is room for my cool indie date, let me know PLEASE!

    Say Love,

  19. luke koontz. lukekoontz@gmail.com

  20. I would love to see the Avett Brothers, but only if they sing that song about the pretty girl from…

  21. avetts are so good live. the new record is great. are there any tix still available for the LA show? I would love to go! lukekoontz@gmail.com

    forgot to post a message last time. thx

  22. Can’t imagine they’re still available but doesn’t hurt to try. Need one for me and my big sister. 🙂

  23. If only…a guy can dream…can`t he…?

  24. thanks for the tickets! what a great, high-energy performance. couldn’t have asked for more from these guys — they poured their hearts out onstage

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