So, while we’re at it…the a capella mixes from Pet Sounds are nothing short of ear candy, and while the LPs noted production theatrics are well deserved, I’m never short of blown away by the sole vocals mixes whenever they come up on shuffle.  Carry on.

The Beach Boys :: Wouldn’t Be Nice (a capella)
The Beach Boys :: Sloop John B (a capella)

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18 Responses to “The Beach Boys :: Pet Sounds (A Capella)”

  1. incredible

  2. sweet!

  3. Sub Pop released the vocal only “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” on seven inch about 12 years back, and I just went crazy for it. Literally blew my mind.

  4. “Sub Pop released the vocal only “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” on seven inch about 12 years back, and I just went crazy for it. Literally blew my mind.”

    It LITERALLY blew your mind? Really??

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  6. No auto-tune in those days!

  7. When I heard these on the Pet Sounds sessions box set I was floored.
    Wouldn’t it Be Nice completely blew my mind. Brian Wilson is an absolute genius and most of the time I say I’m a Brian Wilson fan and not a Beach Boys fan (screw you Mike Love), but I have to give the rest of the guys credit for pulling off the vocal arrangements Brian came up with. They are probably the tightest vocal tracks recorded to date.
    I’m Waiting for the Day when someone can top them…

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  9. Wouldn’t Be Nice is absolutely ridiculous. This is the first time I’ve heard it a capella and I’m blown away.

  10. Please please, more more.
    I play the Stack o’Tracks part of the old two-fer
    over and over. Nice complement.

  11. Fantastic!!!!! Please give us more, more, more….anything you have!!! Thank you so much for these!!!!!!

  12. A couple of years ago my boss gave me some Pet Sounds Sessions on cassette that had acapella versions of I think the entire album. Needless to say, it was a real prize. “I Know There’s an Answer” had some weird alternate title/lyrics that were “Hold on To Your Ego” or something.

  13. i mixed up a bunch of sessions (acapellas and instrumentals) to make this a few days ago:

    All Summer Long: The Brian Wilson Mix


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  17. 100dBs, thanks a lot!
    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your eclectic mixes.
    Aphex Twin, Stax of Stax…

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