The Beach Boys :: Rehearsals 1967


Since their original appearance on AD in 2006 there have been countless requests to re-post this 1967 rehearsal session. So, here it is. I came upon this recording about ten years ago, and it has since become my favorite Beach Boys recording. All very understated and to the point. Besides saying that, I will let the songs speak for themselves. If you’re a fan, grab them now as they will only remain up for a week. Cheers.

Download: The Beach Boys :: Rehearsal Sessions 1967 (zipped folder)

The Beach Boys :: God Only Knows
The Beach Boys :: California Girls
The Beach Boys :: Surfer Girl
The Beach Boys :: You’re So Good To Me
The Beach Boys :: The Letter
The Beach Boys :: Help Me Rhonda
The Beach Boys :: Heroes & Villains
The Beach Boys :: Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

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  1. hey sherpa,

    all you gotta do is…

    1. right click with your mouse on each song.
    2. then click “save link as”.

  2. Thanks, this is really nice. I am curious – is this a rehearsal run for a show? You said it was a recording session, but that doesn’t sound right for the year.

  3. is that mike love talking over “heroes and villains”? ‘cos it’s maybe the rudest sh1t i have ever heard.

  4. Many thanks for the re-post! I’d missed a couple songs the first go-round. Not among those I “missed” is “Heroes and Villains”, for which Mike Love certainly isn’t getting a whole lot of sympathy here! (You do have to feel for the guy, though- to have been shackled to his talentless cousins for so many years….) But I’m right there with you— this is easily among my fave Beach Boys stuff– the type of material that more people should hear.

  5. Very cool. Thanks for posting these. This version of “God Only Knows” has been my favorite since it was released on “Endless Harmony” a few years ago.( And I’d heard the Mike Love asshole rant before. ) “You’re So Good to Me” is so great- can’t stop listening to it!

  6. Merci beaucoup. Magnifique! Ca tombe bien, I was just reading again the story of the Beach Boys by Nick Kent in his book, “the dark stuff”

  7. Mike Love is a jealous loser. I wonder if he feels good about his career playing the same songs over and over year after year?

  8. This reminds me of one of my favorite Belle & Sebastian lyrics:

    I love my Carl
    I love my Brian my Dennis and my Al
    I could even find it in my heart to love Mike Love

    I wish I could say the same for you…

  9. According to the recent book “Catch a Wave” by Peter Ames Carlin, Mike Love’s narrative on “Heroes and Villians” was “masterminded” by Brian himself. This was Brian’s idea of a joke. Listen to it again — it’s a bit too scripted and articulate to be Mike off-the-cuff.

  10. Re:Thanks, this is really nice. I am curious – is this a rehearsal run for a show? You said it was a recording session, but that doesn’t sound right for the year.

    These tracks are off a CD titled “Lei’d in Hawaii Rehearsals” with the date listed as Aug 25, 1967. The same CD also includes a few studio outtakes from 1968; a Hollywood Bowl show from 1963; and finally a couple of songs from a Sydney show in 1973.

  11. most excellent! shows their talent perfectly. too bad the recordings won’t be here for eternity! Thanks!

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