While summer may be over, here in Los Angeles any semblance of autumnal weather is a ways off.  Regardless, the next couple of months are traditionally the sweet spot for new releases. This week alone attests to this with new albums by the likes of Polvo, The Clean, Circulatory System, Yo La Tengo and Os Mutantes. And then there’s these guys. Boasting what at times sounds like Fred Wesley arrangements if he’d gone avant-punk, BLK JKS are a South African ‘indie’ rock hybrid melding soul, funk and rhythmic afro-beat. Yes, you will hear the comparisons to TV On The Radio, Yeasayer, and (insert band here), but BLK JKS are very much doing their own thing; not so much reinventing the wheel, no, but taking it and making the wheel their own.

Signed to Secretly Canadian the quartet (who hail from Johannesburg, South Africa) have been on my radar since last March with the 1-2 punch of their SXSW appearance, coupled with the release of their (excellent) 19 minute debut, the Mystery EP. Nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

There are a lot of LPs coming out this Fall — don’t let After Robots slip by you.  Listen to the first single, courtesy of Secretly Canadian, below, and be sure to check out the vid of a way-stripped down version of “Summertime,” off the Mystery EP, as well.

MP3: BLK JKS :: Molalatladi
Amazon: BLK JKS – After Robots

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  2. We covered their CD release last night….fantastic.

  3. solid stuff

  4. that video’s badass. still need to pick up that ep.

  5. pure awesomeness

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