Today, during the second hour of our SIRIUS/XM show, we are airing the Avi Buffalo session recorded last month at Infrasonic Sound Studios in Alhambra, CA. A stripped down set with Avi on guitar/vocals, and Rebecca Coleman on keys, the following three tracks present a different side of the group than the psychedelic pop found on their forthcoming LP and live show. Special thanks to Chris Mena, Meghan Pochebit and everyone at Infrasonic for their time and expertise. Avi Buffalo performs at the Monolith festival at Red Rocks in Colorado this weekend.

MP3: Avi Buffalo :: Lil Sluts (Aquarium Drunkard Session @ Infrasonic Studios)
MP3: Avi Buffalo :: Jessica (Aquarium Drunkard Session @ Infrasonic Studios)
MP3: Avi Buffalo :: Coaxed (Aquarium Drunkard Session @ Infrasonic Studios)

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6 Responses to “Avi Buffalo :: AD Session @ Infrasonic Studios”

  1. amazing.

  2. Really love your sound….vaguely reminds me of the softer side of Led Zeppelin.

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  4. I think I went to school with that girl.

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