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The 2009 reissue of the Feelies 1980 debut, Crazy Rhythms, nixes the inclusion of their cover of the Stones ‘Paint It Black” — a track which was tacked on to the 1990 A&M Records CD release. With this most recent reissue the band opted to present their debut to fans as it was originally intended — nine songs. While this makes perfect sense, I am a bit curious as to why the cover was not included in the bonus material available via the reissue’s download card. Regardless, it’s a good cover and one that feels very era-appropriate for it’s time. More info on the 2009 reissues: here.

MP3: The Feelies :: Paint It Black

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4 thoughts on “The Feelies :: Paint It Black

  1. 1. the album’s called crazy rhythms, not strange rhythms.

    2. the “paint it black” cover, while quite solid, was recorded in 1990, a full decade after the original album was recorded, and with a different band lineup. a&m tacked it onto their 1990 cd reissue of crazy rhythms, which was the first time it was available in the u.s. on compact disc. and while i have no confirmation of this, i’ve read or heard in several places that the band was not too happy with how “paint it black” turned out and was actually against including it on the crazy rhythms cd.

  2. While almost in a completely different category, their follow-up release (many years later) is at least as good as “Crazy Rhythms”. It’s one of the first (and only since) records to pay tribute to rootsy Americana (country, folk, rock) without sounding totally derivative of rootsy Americana. It’s a brilliant, beautiful and often overlooked album. Crazy Rhythms was a new wave masterpiece and one of a kind. The fact that they did something completely different with equal success on their follow up speaks volumes about the Feelies.

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