Marc Bolan much?  The Smith Westerns do, and on this, their 2009 s/t debut, the Rabbit Fighter vibe is immediate  – something like a pack of teenagers locked in a humid garage with a stack of warped T. Rex and  Gary Glitter vinyl; well that, and a penchant for love songs, a little hocus pocus and a 4-track. The group dropped another non-album track (“Imagine, Pt. 3″) last week, on myspace, that quickly made the rounds.

MP3: The Smith Westerns :: Be My Girl
MP3: The Smith Westerns :: Imagine, Pt. 3
Purchase: The Smith Westerns – S/T

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5 Responses to “The Smith Westerns :: Be My Girl/Imagine, Pt. 3”

  1. Did you realize it’s the 32nd anniversary of Marc Bolans fatal car crash?

  2. nope, pretty ironic

    but these kids (literally) kill live, highly recommended live show you ever get a chance

  3. Their debut is easily my favourite release so far this year. Can’t wait to get my hands on the split with the Magic Kids that’s coming out on Fat Possum.

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