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In 2005 Jon Spencer and pal Matt Verta-Ray released their rockabilly ode to greasers, garage rock, Jerry Lee Lewis, switchblades, pomade, greasy-spoon diners, and teenage rebellion — they called it Heavy Trash.  As with everything Jon Spencer related, you either buy into the aesthetic or you don’t.  You accept it as-is, or snidely call bullshit and turn up your nose.  Maybe it depends on your sense of humor.  Maybe not.  But really, I doubt Jon Spencer gives a shit what you think, and for me that has always been a big part of the appeal. He clearly owns it, whatever the ‘it’ may be.  At present the duo has two LPs under their belt (’05s Heavy Trash, ’07s Going Way Out with Heavy Trash), with a third due out at the end of next month entitled Midnight Soul Serenade.

But let’s back up. The first track off the ’05 debut, “Dark Hair’d Rider,” perfectly sets the tone of the duo’s bread and butter.  An exercise in brevity, at one minute and fifty two seconds, Spencer spins a classic rock & roll yarn concerning both the allure and pitfalls of love. Over two guitars, a click-clack and cymbal backbeat, Spencer laments “candy kisses and a velvet tongue.” And it only get better from there on out…at least for the listener anyway.

Midnight Soul Serenade, like its predecessors, will be released via Yep Roc Records Fat Possum Records.

MP3: Heavy Trash :: Dark Hair’d Rider
Amazon: Heavy Trash – S/T


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3 Responses to “Heavy Trash :: Dark Hair’d Rider”

  1. Jon Spencer can’t really do wrong

  2. Sadly, I don’t remember seeing any of the Sadies listed as appearing on the new one.

  3. Woah, when did Jon Spencer become the winner of the Nick Cave look-a-like contest?

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