It’s telling that my favorite Devendra track is “Seahorse” off 2007’s Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. At once a dusky Topanga folk jam, a Doors-style rave up and inspired psych workout, the song is a distant cry from Banhart’s early catalog on Michael Gira’s Young God Records. Most impressive is that throughout its ramshackle 8+ minutes it all manages to work without sliding off the rails.

September 2009:  “Baby“, the first ‘postable’ mp3 from Banhart’s upcoming major label debut, What We Will Be, furthers this transformation from ‘freak-folk’ poster boy to genre-bending rocker — think of the track as a close cousin (and mellower) follow up to Thunder Canyon’sLover.” What We Will Be drops next month via Warner Brothers Records.

MP3: Devendra Banhart :: Baby

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3 Responses to “Devendra Banhart :: Baby”

  1. Saw him last month, he played this new song called “Rats” which sounded like Black Sabbath. I shit you not.

  2. Thanks for posting this up! Very much looking fwd to this record!

  3. My wife absolutely loves this guy. It took my about 4 years to finally come around. He’s so damn good. He slides in and out of styles so seamlessly that I rarely even noticed he’s 180’d on me. I was bummed he cancelled his show in Chico….

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