dr dog aquarium drunkard presents

We are giving away several pairs of tickets away to AD readers.  Hit us up in the comments with your name and email address we can reach you at.  Tickets will be avail at will-call.

+ Download Dr. Dog via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

38 Responses to “AD Presents :: Dr. Dog @ Henry Fonda, Los Angeles”

  1. Shawn Morones
    i hope i hope i hope!!!!

  2. Love DR D!!!!

  3. I’m a huge Dr. Dog fan! I would love a pair of tickets.

  4. Me me me. Please please please!

  5. Just moved from to L.A. from (NO)LA myself, Where Y’AT, Dr. Dog! Who da der…..?

  6. “and what you thought was a hurricane, was just a rustlin’ of the wind.”

  7. Pamela Beck

  8. oooooooooh Sweet!

  9. Thanks for the offer, Drunkard!


  10. AD gets involved with all the great bands! I would love to catch Dr Dog again. They were amazing at El Rey last year!


  11. Guess my e-mail address would help!



    Kevin Lathrop

  12. Would love the Dr. Dog tickets!!! -M

  13. I love the poster for this one! Nice. Would love to see dr. dog.

  14. Dr Dog @ The Henry Fonda would be an awesome show!

  15. would LOVE to go!

  16. Hook up them tickets for my birfday por favor.

  17. Although I’m certain that “several” doesn’t mean “17” I’d thought it’d be worth a try…

  18. Philly native, just moved out to Los angeles over the summer and would love to see my hometown boys tear it up next week at the Fonda. Please let me know if i have won the pair of tickets. Thanks! adamsrappoport@gmail.com

  19. Would love tix. Thanks.

  20. Thanks for the generosity! Would love to catch this show!

    Scott Tipton

  21. I’d like to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Dog.

  22. Because Aquarium Drunkard is awesome:

    From a Dr. Dog song,
    “what’s the word that means more than a word
    what’s better than the best thing ever heard
    I don’t know how but I just got to tell you”

    I just got to tell you that I would looooooove tix!

  23. Nice. Would love to see this show!

  24. I’ve never seen them live. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Briana McDonell

    It will be my second day living in LA…would be an awesome show to celebrate it!!

  26. One of my fav philly bands!

  27. that’s definitely the best poster yet

  28. Dr. Dog don’t play San Diego, and I drive an H3 (lightning yellow/chromed/8″ lift). So I need these tickets to offset the gas money it takes to drive up North. MPG’s!!!

  29. It makes one feel even less funny when a carefully chosen attempt at H3/MPG-joke-to-win-tickets is left incomplete — futuristicfireworks@gmail.com

  30. Please please please!!!!!!!

  31. Dog me Dog me, please Dog me with tickets

  32. make this happen.

  33. My life wouldn’t be complete without a Dr.Dog live show… it’s worth the 90 mile drive to get there.

  34. Let’s do this, Dog!

  35. aaahhh i love dr dog!!!

  36. Fonda is right down the street. Would love to see them! – Jenn

  37. Am I Too Late???
    I Really Want To Go!!!

    PLEASE! 😀

  38. broke Philly native here, wondering if there are any tickets left for the dr. dog show tonight. My email is adamsrappoport@gmail.com, I would love more then the phillies winning the world series….again, to go to this show tonight, please let me know if there are tickets available.


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