J. Tillman :: Live, August 22, 2009 (Sacramento, CA)


Last week I wrote about how impressive J. Tillman’s present touring band is. The following live set, recorded in August while on tour in Sacramento, exemplifies just that. I am incredibly selective in what live shows I share on AD, and the following meets every criteria in terms sound, track selection and performance. If you know who the original taper is, please leave a comment below so I may credit appropriately.

MP3: J. Tillman :: All You See
MP3: J. Tillman :: When I Light Your Darkened Door
MP3: J. Tillman :: No Occasion
MP3: J. Tillman :: First Born
MP3: J. Tillman :: With Wolves
MP3: J. Tillman :: Vacilando Territory
MP3: J. Tillman :: Vessels
MP3: J. Tillman :: Howling Light
MP3: J. Tillman :: Crosswinds
MP3: J. Tillman :: Though I Have Wronged You
MP3: J. Tillman :: Barter Blues
MP3: J. Tillman :: An Occurrence At The River Jordan
MP3: J. Tillman :: There Is No Good In Me
MP3: J. Tillman :: New Imperial Grand Blues

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10 thoughts on “J. Tillman :: Live, August 22, 2009 (Sacramento, CA)

  1. Tillman is great…downright awesome….
    Is it possible to get his music online (torrents), because making an epayment for music in Asia is still redundant and absurd….
    Have beeen searching for his music high and low..
    Any info would be appreciated

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