imaad wasif

Check out Imaad Wasif’s Preistess“, the first taste off his upcoming album The Voidist (due out October 13th via Tee Pee Records).  I’ve been following Wasif since his days with Alaska!, and The Voidist picks up where last year’s Strange Hexes left off. Also, if you ever come across Wasif’s 2006 Kill Rock Stars solo debut, grab it. It’s great.

MP3: Imaad Wasif :: Preistess

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3 Responses to “Imaad Wasif :: Preistess”

  1. I like this. Surprised me a few times during my first listen. In a good way.

  2. You know what really sucks about this? Its that the album doesn’t come out till October 13th. Now this post has me listening Alaska! and both of his solo records leaving me wanting more. Damn you Drunkard and thank you too!

  3. so underrated…!

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