Vic Chesnutt :: Skitter On Take-Off


Yes, you are indeed correct — Vic Chesnutt did just release a new album three weeks ago (At The Cut). You can read all about the impetus and execution of that record in our August interview with Vic here (a highly recommended read for Vic fans). Skitter On Take-Off is Chesnutt’s second LP of 2009, and (including Brute) his tenth release of the decade.   Here Vic teams up with Jonathan Richman (guitar, harmonium) and Tommy Larkin (drums). Richman dons his producers hat capturing everything live and off the cuff.

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MP3: Vic Chesnutt :: Dick Cheney
MP3: Vic Chesnutt :: Society Sue

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3 thoughts on “Vic Chesnutt :: Skitter On Take-Off

  1. Wonder why you didn’t post ‘Worst Friend’? I love it that at least one of my favorite song writers is prolific. Thanks for the coverage. I would not have known.

  2. this is why I love AD. Living in Georgia, I used to wonder if everyone else knew that we had one of the greatest living songwriters within our borders. Sure, the nation got to watch him do his thing in ‘Slingblade’, but did they know who they were actually watching? His work is so angry, hopeful, beautiful, and his new album ‘Cut’ has me in tears by the end. Thanks for giving him his due, AD.

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