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On November 10th David Wingo returns with Belly of The Lion — his second LP recording as Ola Podrida. I’ve been following Wingo’s work since his days scoring David Gordon Green films and Belly is by far his most acomplished work to date. Returning to his native Texas from his adopted home in Brooklyn, Wingo found a new label home  at Western Vinyl and new a muse gravitating towards broader arrangements.  Below is the premiere of “Roomful of Sparrows.

MP3: Ola Podrida :: Roomful of Sparrows

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2 Responses to “Ola Podrida :: Roomful of Sparrows”

  1. this sounds great! thx i was listening to his first release as it came out but lost sight of it. maybe it’s tme to revisit it.

  2. i can’t wait to hear this album. i loved the self-titled debut and the songs from great world of sound soundtrack. thanks for announcing this, i think wingo’s stuff is great.

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