Sonic Youth :: Boston, MA @ WERS ’02 (Acoustic)

Without giving too much away, let’s just say you will be reading a lot about Sonic Youth’s Murray Street on AD in the near future.   On August 13, 2002, WERS Radio in Boston hosted Thurston, Lee, and Jim as they performed acoustic versions of the first three tracks off Murray Street’s side A: “Empty Page,” “Disconnection Notice” and “Rain on Tin,” (which, by the way, is one of the best sides of the past ten years). I still reach for these renditions all the time. Essential.

MP3: Sonic Youth :: The Empty Page (Acoustic)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Disconnection Notice (Acoustic)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Rain On Tin (Acoustic)

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11 thoughts on “Sonic Youth :: Boston, MA @ WERS ’02 (Acoustic)

  1. I remember recording this program to cassette from the radio in Gloucester, MA that summer. I played it in my Plymouth for months! Thanks for the memories!

  2. I heard this live…on the radio- can you believe it?! thanks for posting- these are sooo great. especially rain on tin. i was soooo obsessed with murray street when it first came out. better put that shit back in.

  3. Well, shit. This just totally made my day complete, and I’m sure it will in the days and years to come. Gracias, AQ.

  4. caught them outside the door of emerson after doing this gig, got pictures and turned down by lee after his request for a cigarette was recalled when I offered one of my menthols (what was I thinking?)

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